Hajra Waheed "HUM" at Portikus

Exhibition, 11 July – 6 September 2020

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COTA ZERO / © Graça CastanheiraCOTA ZERO / © Graça Castanheira

Catarina and Rita Almada Negreiros: #rethinkingspace_canran

Lecture21 November 2019, 18:15Aula, Städelschule, Dürerstraße 10, 60596 Frankfurt am Main

In this lecture, Catarina and Rita Almada Negreiros will present several projects of their studio, CAN RAN arquitectura. The projects are divided into two large groups: Architectural projects of different scales responding to what it means to "build in the built environment" today – in dense urban contexts with a large historical burden – and, secondly, artistic interventions in public space. The latter comprise of plastic/artistic interventions using tiles, a traditional Portuguese material. The projects will be presented with detailed analyses of given settings in Lisbon and a shared paradigmatic approach that entails seeing the respective projects catalysing change to the respective sites and contexts.

CAN RAN arquitectura and the partnership of the two architects Catarina and Rita Almada Negreiros was founded in 2002. The studio promotes interdisciplinary work between architects, artists and designers and is known for its architectural renovation projects and excellence in using tiles as a transforming element.
Catarina Almada Negreiros (CAN) studied in Lisbon, Venice and at Harvard and holds degrees in architecture, communication and arts. Before starting her own architectural practice, she has been working for MUF: ART/ARCHITECTURE in London. She currently teaches at the Évora University, Architecture Department.
Rita Almada Negreiros (RAN) studied architecture at the Lusíada University of Lisbon and has worked with Wilmotte & Associés, BCQ Arquitectes and Jordi Castel in Paris and Barcelona.

This lecture is part of the series, Master Lectures 2019-20: Portuguese Contemporary Architecture. The series is a collaboration between Städelschule, Deutsches Architekturmuseum and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

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