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Instructor (Lehrauftrag) for Analog Photography (Freelance)

Starting in Winter Semester 2024/25
(14 October 2024 – 14 February 2025)

The photo lab is designed to provide access to technology and materials, produce analog and digital images, facilitate students’ access to photo equipment, and offer workshops and training. The instructor teaches the basics of a variety of analog photo production equipment.

The photo lab consists of a total of three freelance instructors, with one providing assistance one day a week, and the other two conducting week-long workshops during the semester, one for digital and one for analog photography techniques. Coordination of the photo lab is shared equally among all three instructors, plus a student assistant at 9 hours per week who is responsible for equipment rental. The place of work is Frankfurt.

The instructor for analog technical courses at the photo lab will work independently and organize workshops for both beginner and advanced students on analog photo techniques. The instructor will additionally be responsible for maintaining equipment as well as researching and facilitating new purchases. The skilled and careful handling of the photo lab’s analog equipment is a fundamental part of the job. Working experience with view cameras is desired.

 Tasks during the semester

  • Independent teaching activity as a freelance instructor for analog photo techniques
    The teaching requirements include offering courses each semester in the following techniques in the Städelschule photo lab:
  • Introduction to analog photography (principles of an analog camera, Camera Obscura), developing and enlarging b/w film, working in the b/w lab.
  • Colour Photography: enlarging and printing colour negatives; making C-Prints with the Metoform processing machine (RA-4 process).
  • Optional: Colour Photography: developing colour film (C-41 and E 6 process)
  • Optional: cyanotype, silver bromide printing, liquid gelatine printing for three dimensional objects and other older techniques for experimentation

According to § 78 Hessische Hochschulgesetz (HHG) an average of 8 hours per week is the maximum and a total of 128 hours are available per semester for teaching and preparation. The weekly seminar is at least 90 minutes but can also be taught as a block seminar.


  • Training as a photographer or photo lab technician and professional experience in the field
  • Working experience with analog B/W and color printing, as well as film development
  • Experience with film cameras (knowledge of 4x5 view cameras is an advantage)
  • Capable of working safely in a lab environment with hazardous chemicals and committed to fostering a safe working environment for students
  • Preferable with teaching experience
  • Communicative, approachable and comfortable teaching in English
  • Collegial and able to work and develop courses independently

The Städelschule offers

  • A diverse, interesting, and international work environment in the stimulating atmosphere of an art school
  • A salary of € 29.- / hour as a freelancer
  • A teaching assignment with an average of 128 hours during the semester


  • Depending on the residency: a (German) tax number for invoicing
  • Sharing personal data (birthdate, address, highest educational degree, and university) for purpose of the teaching assignment and for statistics of the land of Hesse (anonymous)
  • If interested, please apply with a letter of motivation, resumé, references, and a one-page description of a workshop by June 30th, 2024 at:

The Städelschule aims to increase the proportion of women and strongly encourages applications from qualified women. Likewise, the Städelschule is committed to anti-discriminatory measures in its personnel policy and is committed to increasing diversity. Furthermore, the Städelschule strives to create application and working conditions that are as barrier-free as possible. In this context, the Städelschule actively supports applications from people with disabilities.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Karolin Augart, Head of Human Resources:

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