Photo Thomas Pohl  Department Studios Frankfurt
Photo: Thomas Pohl - Department Studios Frankfurt


The Hochschule für Bildende Künste–Städelschule is a synonymous with leading contemporary artists and has a strong reputation worldwide. Since its establishment in 1817, the Städelschule has been known for teaching according to a distinct model of pedagogy that prioritizes artistic freedom and fosters artistic discourse through critical interaction with society. In order to protect its artistic and curricular autonomy, the Städelschule has chosen not to adopt the Bachelor-Master program of the Bologna model. Accordingly, an artistic degree is awarded at the end of the program rather than a diploma, bachelor's or master's degree.

In addition to free artistic practice in the studios, the nucleus of the teaching program is the study in classes, which are each led by a professor and in which up to 20 students’ study together for the entire duration of their studies. This is accompanied by a varied curriculum of theoretical classes, seminars, lectures by visiting guest professors and practical courses in the workshops.

The great diversity of its international community is unique in Germany and an essential value of the Städelschule, which is reflected not least in the numerous exchange programs and international partnering universities. Due to the internationality of the faculty and the student body, the language of instruction at the Städelschule is English.

Städelschule’s main building is located at Dürerstrasse 10 in the center of Frankfurt, next to the Städel Museum. It was designed in 1954 by architecture professor Johannes Krahn (Städelschule’s rector from 1945 to 1968). The building houses studios, classrooms, a library, specialized workshops, administration offices, an auditorium for public programs, a film kitchen, and a cafeteria.

Städelschule’s second location is at Daimlerstrasse 32 in Frankfurt's industrial area, and features additional studios, classrooms, specialized workshops, the archive, administrative offices, a project space, and a cafeteria.

You can find information about applying to study at the Städelschule here.


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