June 17, 2022 8 PM

Frankfurt-based performance and video artist Ayla Pierrot Arendt calls for an extraordinary gathering in the theater hall.

Gaia, Mother Earth, is dead. Five projected video goddesses come together to negotiate the fate of the world and its handling of power and decision-making. Their musical incarnations on stage give them voices that counter societal ideals with contemporary body and role images, dislodging them from the idea of a norm. Rap meets cyborg voices, herbaceous chants meet electronic melodies and shimmering arias, performance, live music and video art merge into a sensual amalgam.

Concept, text, direction: Ayla Pierrot Arendt
Text, assistant director: Kristina Roeder
Cinematography/video editing: Ayla Pierrot Arendt, Nina Nadig
Cinematography: Nina Nadig
Costume design: Katharina Pia Schütz
Makeup/Equipment Assistant: Maria Anisimowa
3D Animation Video: Mirko Schütz
Stage: Ayla Pierrot Arendt, Katharina Pia Schütz
Sound engineering, audio installation: Fernando Castron
Project management: Louisa Behr
Production internship: Alix Di Jusco


Lyrics, Vocals: Sofia Budaeva
Composition Instrumental: Fullruhm
Video performance: Antigone Akgün


Text, Composition, Vocals: Jacob Bussmann
Video performance: Brigitta Schirdewahn


Text, composition, song: Johanna Wagner
Video performance: Isaak Eden
Music Prologue: Constanze Zacharias


Text, composition, singing: Alla Popp
Video performance: Barbara Stollhans


Text, composition, singing: Helena Ratka
Video performance: Leonie Emeka

A production by Ayla Pierrot Arendt, in co-production with Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm. Supported by the Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main, the Frauenreferat Frankfurt am Main, and the NASPA Stiftung. Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK – STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative. Aid Programme Dance.

Mousonturm, Waldschmidtstraße 4, 60316 Frankfurt am Main