Filmstudio 2018, photo: Kerstin Cmelka

Film and video

The film and video editing studio is located in room I6 at Dürerstraße 10. It is open to all students.

The film class room not only contains several video editing stations and mobile recording equipment that can be borrowed, but is also a meeting place and room for the Film class. Appointments must therefore be made in order to borrow equipment or work at the editing stations in I6.

The mobile equipment can be booked for certain periods or, when available, borrowed directly without having to book it.

Maximum loan duration: 7 days. In rare cases, e.g. during times between terms, exceptions may be made to borrow equipment for longer.

Editing stations may not be reserved.

Fixed equipment on site

  • 3-4 computer-based video editing stations (iMacs, one of which has Retina 5K display) with extensive software packages (all Adobe products, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut etc.)
  • Audio interface and active monitor loudspeaker
  • Headphones
  • HD projectors
  • Steenbeck 16mm editing table

Mobile technology that can be borrowed

  • Various digital cameras (e.g. Blackmagic Cinema Pocket Camera, Sony a6300 Alpha, Sony PXW-X70 etc.)
  • Various microphones (e.g. Røde NTG3, Røde NTG2, Røde VideoMic, DPA SMK4060, Sennheiser wireless mics etc.)
  • Various mobile audio recorders (e.g. Tascam DR-701D, Tascam DR-100, …)
  • Boom arms
  • Dedo lighting system (4 lights, tripods, etc.)
  • Sachtler reportage lighting system (3 lights, tripods, etc.)
  • Various film/video tripods
  • Various lenses
  • Bolex 16mm cameras
  • Bauer S-8mm camera
  • Various 16mm projectors

Appointments may be made for an introduction to individual pieces of equipment and film techniques and for support with film and video projects (editing, postproduction).


Bernhard Schreiner
Dürerstraße 10
60596 Frankfurt am Main