Sound Studio, 2018, photo: Kerstin Cmelka


The recording studio is available to all students after completing the introductory course to audio technology. Times are listed in the syllabus.

The following technologies and equipment are available:

  • computer-based recording system with a wide range of software packages
  • DAW: Logic Pro / Ableton Live
  • analogue synthesiser
  • Doepfer analogue modular system
  • analogue mixer
  • effects units
  • analogue/digital converter (AD/DA)
  • active reference speakers
  • Ableton Push Controller
  • various microphones

All kinds of sound work can be undertaken in the recording studio, ranging from classic multi-track recording and purely computer-based composition to completely free and experimental sound design using analogue modular systems or code-base software applications.


Daniel Fort
Dürerstraße 10
60596 Frankfurt am Main