Photo: Kerstin Cmelka


The sculpture workshop offers traditional and experimental methods used in three-dimensional art forms.

There is basic equipment for working with:

  • natural stone
  • metals
  • grown materials (wood, clay etc.)
  • cast materials
  • semi-finished products

and access to associated companies for more intensive work.

The workshop in what is known as the container hall is in Daimlerstrasse and is equipped with basic equipment and machines for working on materials (metal, wood, plastic, cast iron). A condition of using the sculpture workshop is to have had an individual introductory session and training on how to use the equipment and materials safely. No previous knowledge is necessary.

Individual introductions to the workshop and advice on realising art and design-related plans are by appointment, after agreeing a time by email.

Special events and trips are announced via the student mailing list.

Opening times

Monday to Friday 10am–6pm (Monday: open all day for discussions without an appointment)


Wolfgang Winter (Head)
Daimlerstraße 32-36
60314 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: +49 (0)69 60 50 08-82

Assistant: Yasuaki Kitagawa

Student assistant: Layla Nabi