Aktives Resonanz Spektakel

"Of the many passages, we had chosen the largest, with a clear view through the interstitial space. Our eyes are everywhere. The spectacle begins."

28. & 29. May 2021

Off_Track will start with a second edition! Five artists from different artistic fields like experimental sound, visual and performance art living in Leipzig, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe are invited to create an interactive, collective work. A space that oscillates between sound art, material research, scenic performances and video projections.

After a residency lasting several days, we will open the doors of the ScenarioHalle on May 28 and 29. The audience enters a seemingly constantly resonating tapestry of sound and images. Choreographed by current pandemic conditions, a spatial installation emerges for the exploration of tipping images and spaces for action. Depending on the Inzidenzwert, the installation can be visited on site or walked through digitally. In addition, elements can be seen and heard on the Hildapromenade. Keep your eyes open!


Mira Hirtz - Performance / Somatic Movement 
Sopo Kashakashvili - Video Art / Installation / Voice Assemblage
Jonas Petry - Sound Art / Multiinstrumentalist / Komposition 
Zwerina - Video Installationen / Performances / DIY Electronics 
Robert Buschbacher - Objekte / Tanz / Figurentheater

More information about the event and how to get tickets will follow soon here:   &  #tempel_tracks

We are looking forward to you!

The Tracks series is made possible by funding from the „Kunst trotz Abstand" impulse program of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.

Kulturverein Tempel e.V.
Hardtstraße 37 a
D-76185 Karlsruhe