´Perpetual Light`

a tour of Nürnberg curated by Rachel Ashton on 31st July starting at 5pm, Die Biest, Helmstraße 20, 90419 Nürnberg.

Set over 5 locations ´Perpetual Light` is the beginning of a series of city tours lead by Rachel Ashton. In this particular event participates are invited to a curated walking tour of Nürnberg stopping at different locations across the city. There will be a 4 course dinner held over these locations as well as screenings, readings and performances.

´Perpetual Light` includes video works from Anna R Japharidze, Mamuka Japharidze, Paul Haas, Derek Jarman.
Texts from Edith Franklin and Olga Tokarczuk.
Performances from Lena Appel and Rachel Ashton.
Dinner by Rachel Ashton.