Digital Archive of the Städelschule: 1920 to 1950 

In 2022, the Städelschule completed the feasibility study of its archival holdings from 1920 until 1950 for the purpose of digitalization.  

As part of the study, 34,700 archival materials (e.g. documents, written testimonies, photographs, and works on paper) were reviewed on site at the Städel Museum, Institut für Stadtgeschichte (Institute for the History of Frankfurt) and the archive of the Städelschule. Another aspect of the feasibility study was examining official documents closely related to the history of the Städelschule prior to WWII. An important focus was the identification of unpublished, unique items worthy of conservation. The goal of this initiative is to preserve and make accessible the largest volume of documents related to the Städelschule’s history through digitalization and virtual consolidation to make available to students, researchers, artists, and the public.  

As part of this initiative, Selections from the Archive will showcase key documents in the collection by providing glimpses into important materials.  


Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmunk (h_da, Darmstadt), Andreas Schieberle (h_da, Darmstadt), Thorsten Wübbena (Leibniz Institute for European History, Mainz); Dr. Matthias Jehn (JCS UB, Frankfurt), Agnes Brauer (JCS UB, Frankfurt); Dr. Iris Schmeisser (Städel Museum, Frankfurt), Dr. Alexandra Lutz (Institute of Urban History, Frankfurt), Sebastian Tripp (Institute of Urban History, Frankfurt), Stephanie Haidlas (Institute of Urban History, Frankfurt), Annette Handrich (Institute of Urban History, Frankfurt), Dr. Helen Barr (Goethe University, Frankfurt), Dr. Nicola Wurthmann (Hessisches Landesarchiv, Wiesbaden), and Jutta Käthler (Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt). 


The feasibility study was made possible by generous support from the Hessian Ministry for Science and Art. 


Christin Groß-Narten, Constantin Heine, Christian Frisch, Cynthia Rapp, Heike Häcker, Begüm Inal (Scientific Associate) 


Begüm Inal 
Project Coordinator/ Scientific Associate