Past faculty

This is a growing archive on all former faculty members.

Anni Adelmann (1939-1941)

Teacher of Fashion Creation (cutting, cardboard and bookbinding courses)

Peter Angermann (1996-2002)

Professor of Fine Art

Martin Arnold (1998-1999)

Teacher of Film

Marius Babias (1998)

Teacher of Art Criticism

Hugo Bäppler (1920-1945)

Professor of Decorative Painting and Painting Technique, 1939–45 deputy director of the Städelschule, retired at his own request in 1945

Heinz Battke (1956-1966)

Professor of Free Graphics, Head of the Graphics Class

Willi Baumeister (1928-1933)

Professor of Typography and Advertising Graphics

Thomas Bayrle (1975-2007)

Professor of Free Graphics

Donald Baechler

Guest teacher of Painting

Mirco Becker (2013-2016)

Guest professor of Architecture, Foundation Friederichs  

Max Beckmann (1925-1931)

Professor of Painting

Johann Josef Belz (1910-1930)

Teacher of Sculpture

Ben van Berkel (2001-2016)

Professor of Architecture, Head of Architecture class

Dara Birnbaum (1992-1993)

Guest professor of Video Art

Günter Bock (1971-1983)

Professor of Architecture, Head of Architecture

Harald Brost (1996-1999)

Teacher Art History

Albert Burkart (1949-1963)

Professor of Figural Painting and Wall Painting

Bonnie Camplin (2008-2010)

Professor of Film

Viktor Cissarz (1916-1939)

Professor of Painting

Peter Cook (1984-2002)

Professor of Architecture

Michael Croissant (1966-1988)

Professor of Sculpture

Gaillard Cyprien (2020-2021)

Teacher of Film, Video, Photography, Sculpture and Performance. Guest professor of Frankfurter Positionen

Franz Karl Delavilla (1931-1950)

Professor of Free Graphics

Christian Dell (1925-1933)

Head of Metal Workshop

Felix Droese (1986-1986)

Teacher of Fine Art and Graphik II, Head of a class

Paul Eliasberg (1966-1994)

Guest teacher of Free Graphics

Peter Engel (1974-1992)

Guest professor of Painting Technique

Ayşe Erkmen (2001-2006)

Professor of Free Artistic Work

Fritz Faiss (1942-1945)

Lehrender, Head of Vorklasse

Lili Fischer (1988)

Teacher of Performance

Peter Fischli (2013-2017)

Professor of Fine Art

Michael de la Fontaine (1972-1973)

Teacher of Sociology

Eduard Gaertner (1939-1949)

Teacher of Graphics, Head of Applied Graphics and Scientific Drawing, Fashion Drawing

Klaus Gallwitz (1974-1994)

Honorary professor of Art History, Director of Städelsches Kunstinstitut in Frankfurt am Main until 1994

Nikolas Gambaroff (2018-2020)

Teacher of Fine Art WS 2018/19, substitute for Amy Sillman

Herbert Garbe (1936-1941)

Teacher of Sculpture

Isa Genzken (1992)

Teacher of Fine Art

Ludger Gerdes (1990-1992)

Teacher of Painting

Johann Georg Geyger (1965-1986)

Professor of Fine Art and Graphics

Hermann Göpfert (1977-1978)

Guest teacher of Architecture

Douglas Gordon (2011-2018)

Professor of Film

Dan Graham (1993-1994)

Teacher of Concept Art

Günther Grassmann (1941-1945)

Teacher of Fine Art and Rector

Curt/Kurt Gravenkamp (1940-1940)

Teacher of Art History

Hans Happ (1933-1944)

Teacher of Life drawing, anatomy and Abendakt

Josef Hartwig (1925-1933)

Teacher of Sculpture, Head of sculpture workshop

Jockel Heenes (1987-1988)

Teacher of Fine Art

Wilhelm Heise (1943-1953)

Rector, in 1946 Wilhelm Heise took over the management, internal reorganization and external reconstruction of the Städelschule as the Hochschule für Bildende Künste

Georg Herold (1992-1999)

Gastprofessur of Painting, later Head of Sculpture

Nikolaus Hirsch (2008-2013)

Guest professor of Architecture, Foundation Friederichs, Rector (2010-2013)

Ernst Holzinger (1946-1972)

Teacher of Art History, Interim director 1955-56, Holzinger was director of the Städelmuseum

Hans-Peter Hölzinger (1977-1978)

Teacher of Architecture

Otto Hölzinger (1942-1944)

Teaching Abendakt, takes over Abendaktklasse 1942

Angelica Horn (1996-1997)

Guest teacher of Philosphy

Franz Hufnagel (1940-1944)

Professor of Architecture

Heinrich Hulliger (1925-1943)

Master carpenter in the Furniture workshop

Jörg Immendorf (1989-1992)

Professor of Fine Art

Bernhard Jäger (1980-1997)

Guest teacher of Life drawing

Raimer Jochims (1971-1997)

Professor of Free Graphics, Rector: 1974-1985

Ilja Kabakov (1993-1994)

Guest professor of Painting, Foundation Friederichs

Ulrika Karlsson (2019-2021)

Guest professor of Architecture

Günther Kieser (1956-1968)

Teacher of Typography

Luise King

Teacher of Architecture

Martin Kippenberger (1990-1991)

Teacher of Fine Art, substitute for Thomas Bayrle

Per Kirkeby (1988-2003)

Teacher of Fine Art, takes over Schreiter class, Prorector:1991-1993

Margarete Klimt (1927-1943)

Teacher of Fashion Creation, Dept. Master School for Design Tailoring

Johannes Krahn (1954-1970)

Teacher of Architecture, Head of Architecture class

Michael Krebber (2004-2016)

Professor of Fine Art, Interim rector: 2009

Christian Kruck (1953-1961)

Teacher of Lithograph painting, Teacher of graphic techniques from 1972

Peter Kubelka (1978-2000)

Professor of Film, converts the film and video class into the film and cooking class, Rector (1985-1988)

Werner Labbé (1955-1956)

Teacher of Typography

Ferdinand Lammeyer (1950-1965)

Teacher of Landscape and Portrait Painting, follows Burkhardt as Rector in 1959, Lammeyer is a student of the Städelschule professor Andreas Egersdoerfer, takes over Delavilla's Portrait and Landscape class in 1950, renaming the class to Free Painting

Ekbert Lebküchner (1972-1982)

Teacher of Architecture, Urban Planning

Mark Leckey (2005-2010)

Professor of Film

Guido Christian Lenz (1972-1973)

Teacher of Art History

Hans-Joachim Lenz (1973-1974)

Teacher of Architecture, Planning methodology

Richard Lisker (1934-1940)

Teacher of Artistic Surface Design, Rector

Walther Löffler (1933-1938)

Teacher of Architecture, specialist teacher of furniture construction and interior design

Vittorio Magnago-Lampugnani (1990-1994)

Teacher of Architecture, Head of Deutsches Architekturmuseum

Walter Mannowsky (1940)

Teacher of Art History, after Gravenkamp's return, gives lectures and exercises on architecture

Hermann Markard (1973-1975)

Teacher of Architecture, Lecturer in Architecture

Tom McCarthy (2019-2020)

Guest professor for "Pure Fiction", writing workshop, Foundation o.T

Ian McKeever

Teacher of Painting

Bruce McLean (1999)

Guest professor of Painting, Foundation Friederichs  

Georg Meistermann (1953-1955)

Teacher of Free Graphics, successor to Heise, establishment of a glass workshop with workshop manager Hans Gossel, who leaves to Düsseldorf in 1955, after his leaving the class is transferred to the class for figurative painting

Joachim Menge (1973-1976)

Teacher of Architecture, Lecturer in decision-making techniques in construction planning

Hans Mettel (1947-1966)

Teacher of Sculpture, Rector: 1950-1956, advocates the reconstruction of the Architecture class

Adolf Meyer (1925-1929)

Teacher of Architecture

Markus Miessen (2011-2013)

Guest professor of Architecture, Foundation Friederichs  

Enric Miralles (1991-2000)

Professor of Architecture, Head of the Architecture class, successor to Cook

Moreno – Grinda (2016-2017)

Guest professors of Architecture, Foundation Friederichs

Carlfried Mutschler

Honorary professor of Architecture, Grand Prix de l'architecture de l'urbanisme in Cannes for the competition entry "Trassenstadt 69" in collaboration with Günter Bock 1968

Jenny Nachtigall (2019-2021)

Teacher of Art Criticism, substitute professorship for Isabelle Graw

Christa Näher (1987-2014)

Professor of Fine Art (1st female professor at Städelschule), takes over Geyger class

Ndikung Bonaventure (2018-2019)

Guest professor of Curatorial Studies

Hermann Nitsch (1989-2003)

Professor of Interdisciplinary Art, takes over the class from Weibel

Gereon Pfeil (1966-1971)

Teacher of Architecture, Rector

Marjetica Potrc

Guest teacher of Architecture

Jason Rhoades (2001)

Guest teacher of Sculpture

Gerhard Richter (1988-1989)

Professor of Painting

Peter Röhl (1925)

Head of Vorklasse

Martha Rosler (2005-2009)

Professor of Fine Art

Ulrich Rückriem (1988-2002)

Professor of Sculpture, Rückriem moved into studios in Daimlerstrasse in 1990

Werner Ruhnau (1973)

Teacher of Architecture, Lecturer in urban planning

Hubert Salden (1990-1995)

Exhibition Städelschule 1817-1994

Richard Scheibe (1925-1935)

Teacher of Sculpture

Reinhard Scheuble (1989-1995)

Gastprofessur Druckwerkstatt, Foundation Friederichs  

Mark von Schlegell (2018-2019)

Guest professor of Pure Fiction, Foundation Friederichs  

Willi Schmid (1996-1997)

Guest teacher of Painting

Ulrich Schmidt (1973-1974)

Teacher of Art History

Willi Schmidt (1952-1989)

Teacher of Sculpture and Technology of Sculpture, Deputy Director: 1974-1977

Kurt/Curt Scholz (1942)

Teacher of Unterstufe II Sculptor, follows a call to Kunsthochschule Stuttgart in 1942

Johannes Schreiter (1963-1987)

Teacher of Fine Art und Graphik II, Rector 1971-1974, Volker Stelzmann took over the class temporarily

Franz Schuster (1929-1939)

Teacher of Interior Design and Spatial Art, named as head of the class for Interior design and Spatial art in 1934, does not appear after that. Closure of the Architecture class in 1933

Monka Schwitte (1999-2004)

Professor of Film

Amy Sillman (2015-2020)

Professor of Fine Art from WS 2015/16

Irene Sperling (1944-1945)

Teacher of Academic Drawing

Theodore Spyropoulos (2017-2019)

Teacher of Architecture from WS 2017/18

Toni Stadler (1941-1946)

Teacher of Sculpture

Simon Starling (2003-2013)

Professor of Fine Art

Volker Steldedermann (1987-1988)

Teacher of Fine Art and Grafik II

Josef Strau (2016-2017)

Teacher of Fine Art, substitute for Michael Krebber

Margret Stuffmann (1972-1976)

Teacher of Art History

Volker Tannert (1985-1987)

Guest teacher of Painting

Peter Testa (2020-2021)

Guest teacher of Architecture in the implementation of the DAAD grant agreement

Wolfgang Tillmanns (2003-2013)

Professor of Interdisciplinary Art

Peter Trummer (2017-2020)

Guest professor of Architecture, Foundation Friederichs

Wu Tsang (2019)

Guest professorship for Film

Marianne Uhlenhuth (1924-1944)

Teacher of Fabric Printing in the Flächenkunst department

Steina and Woody Vasulka (1991-1992)

Teacher of Film / Video at the Institut für Neue Medien

Peter Weibel (1989-1994)

Professor of New Media / Interdisciplinary Art, founding director of the Institut für Neue Medien

Franz West (1992-1994)

Guest professorship for Sculpture

Anne Wever (1942)

Teacher of weaving, specialist in the Flächenkunst department

Fritz (Friedrich) Wichert (1923-1933)

Head of Städelschule, Rector

Albert Windisch (1925-1960)

Professor of Painting

Gerhard Wittner (1984-1986)

Guest teacher of Painting

Gudrun Zapf von Hesse (1946-1947)

Teacher of Writing, teaching Assignment Graphics

Heimo Zobernig (1999-2000)

Professor of Sculpture