Project space at Daimlerstraße 32, photo: Thomas Pohl - Department Studios Frankfurt

Fine Art

The Städelschule has a distinctive approach to teaching, combining discipline-specific classes with an emancipated form of education: the students independently make use of a comprehensive course catalogue as well as art-based and academic discourses in order to formulate individual and contemporary artistic positions. The study consists of artistic work in the classes alongside lectures, courses and seminars. The main emphasis on art work and on the direct dialogue between teachers and professors. As an addition to the semester curriculum with courses on theory and techniques, the Städelschule offers its students a varied lecture program as well as numerous events. Classes are taught in German and English.

A full time study at the Städelschule amounts to ten semesters. However, any semesters taken at previous art educational institutions will be counted into this number. This means for example that if previous semesters amount to six semesters, a full time study at the Städelschule is limited to four semesters. No bachelors, masters or diploma courses in fine art are offered.

The school provides enrolled students with a studio place. The studios are located in the premises at Dürerstraße 10 and Daimlerstraße 32 and are open for students throughout the year.


Student Office
Telephone: +49 (0)69 60 50 08-35/39