Dieses Board stellt nicht die offizielle Meinung der Hochschule für Bildende Künste–Städelschule dar.Dieses Board stellt nicht die offizielle Meinung der Hochschule für Bildende Künste–Städelschule dar. Dieses Board stellt nicht die offizielle Meinung der Hochschule für Bildende Künste–Städelschule dar. 

A Guaranteed Good Time

Lars Karl Becker
Aleksandra Bielas
Elisabeth Greinecker
Daniela Kneip Velescu

You are welcomed at the door by a kind, warm-hearted older woman. She asks if you are hungry with a sympathetic voice. This woman represents the Leo. Leos are tolerant, entertaining and inviting. You notice photos on the wall of the woman who has greeted you, posing happily with various prominent local figures and musicians from the 80’s. She must be the owner of the restaurant. Leos are proud and outwardly confident, while on the inside they are sensitive and creative.

A young waiter, who is bearing a family resemblance, brings you to your table. He is charming and is curious about where you are from and if you are enjoying your stay. He lists off a couple of recommendations focused on the history and natural beauty of the area. You are keen to check them out the next day! Geminis are fun and youthful, curious and knowledgeable. In Greek Mythology Gemini was represented by Hermes, the messenger god. Hermes would go between the world of the gods and the mortal world, sending and receiving messages, much in the same way a waiter functions in a restaurant, moving between the customer and the kitchen. It may not be the most prestigious job, but they are naturally gifted, and essential employees.

You decided to play it safe and ordered the House Special. But when it arrives you are shocked that it could be so good! In the past you’ve ordered it and thought: “I could have made that at home”, but in this instance that is definitely not the case. The kitchen is represented by the Sagittarius. They are the lab and the philosophy. Sagittarians are bold and trailblazing and cannot help but to do things their way. Take Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera for instance. Both at the time young, blonde, ex Mickey Mouse Club members, meant to fit into the same box, yet have always kept their independence of each other and established themselves as two very distinct and different personalities.  

The Libra is the atmosphere and the satisfied feeling after your meal. A Libra has no need to be avant-garde or trendy because they see the true beauty in the natural world. They source their food organically and locally and always know the most amazing hidden places of natural beauty in their hometown. By this point you are stuffed, comfortably sipping wine and enjoying the ambiance. The red checked table clothes, the soft music, and the candles with dripping wax. You are able to relax and enjoy each other’s company. You decide to share a desert and the waiter brings you a complimentary shot of liqueur.

Daniel Taylor

opening: 26.04.2019, 19h
27.04. — 11.05.2019
saturdays 14 – 18h
and by appointment

Kunstraum Ortloff
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