Anecoica Studio x Vorspiel 2022

Jan 27 – 29, 2022

In the final pages of Tristes Tropiques, Claude Lévi-Strauss, in the middle of the 20th century, claimed that it would be better for us to speak of "entropology" rather than anthropology. Sixty years after this statement, and since 2000, we refer to a new geological period called the Anthropocene.

The Anthropocene is the age of humankind, where the Anthropos - the human being - intervene on the Earth's system unprecedentedly. Technical inventions and the way they operate have shaped social interaction in a completely new and different way putting their relationship with the environment to the test.

The increasing intensity, severity, and frequency of environmental-ecological disasters in the last decades have brought greater urgency in discussions surrounding climate change, environmental justice, and the Anthropocene.

Today, we see the whole world of science focusing on exploring these themes, analyzing vast amounts of collected data, calculating models, and giving us a key to understanding the present and future through computer science and mathematics.

As part of the Vorspiel 2022, a city wide program of events before and during the Transmediale and CTM Festival, Anecoica Studio presents Anthropocene. A collective exhibition of selected artworks, created to highlight the dynamics of the relationship between humans, nature, and technology and how the latter is transforming us and shaping a new era based on intelligent autonomous systems.

*Featured Artists:*

- Federico Foderaro - Anthropocene (2017)
- Kesson - Faceless (2021)
- Px - Sacred Scriptures Hallucinations (2021)
- Hala Ghatasheh - Displaced realities (2021)
- Chantal Matar - Morphogenesis (2021)


Thursday 27th: TALK
Host: Marco Accardi (Anecoica studio)
- Pietro Bolcato (px)
- Hala Ghatasheh
- Ryan Groves (Infinite Album’s CTO)

Friday 28th: LIVE CONCERTS
- Anchoress
- AS
- Frankie

Saturday 29th: DJ SET
- Andrea Cossu (The Gods Planet / Astrale AM)

Orville's Cafè & Aperitivo Bar
Platz der Luftbrücke 4
12101 Berlin