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“The 4th Floor” 25 Jan - 16 Feb
Nomad presents a group show at 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg.

Participating artists: Curtly Thomas, Albin Looström, Hilda Stammarnäs, Oda Haugerud, Johan Devigo, Gustav Wideberg

Opening January 25th 7PM - 10PM

Performance 8PM: Curtly Thomas “smallboydanger”
DJ: Iinatti (Country Music)

Site-specific exhibition text by Alfred Boman

Hilda Stammarnäs, (b. 1989, lives and works in Frankfurt)

In her figurative, strongly symbolically charged paintings, Stammarnäs cultivates heavy subjects embossed by a light, pop-like representation.
She has, among other places, previously exhibited at Nassauischer Kunstverein (Wiesbaden), Halle für Kunst (Lüneburg), New Jörg (Wien), Come Over Chez Malik's (Hamburg) and other platforms, such as online-residency and publication "Anticipation T" (an initiative by Foundation Lafayette, Paris), as a part of a permanent group installation at the Austrian Sculpture Park in Graz and in a pop-up format at Index, Stockholm.

Oda Haugerud, (b. 1990, lives and works in Gothenburg)

Haugerud works primarily with sculpture, installation, and text. Through ephemeral materials, she explores the boundaries between the intimate and the industrial. In this industrial metabolism, she creates what she sees as "body essays", often in raw ambivalent states between produced and consumed. Her essay "Living Dead Surplus" (GRA Awards Nominated 2018) deals with a network of thoughts around bodily economics such as leakage and cannibalism - both as bodily experiences and as conceptual figures.

Haugerud received her Bachelor of Fine Art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie 2018. She previously participated in a number of group exhibitions mainly in Amsterdam at the Stedelijk Museum and M4Guestatelier, among others. During the summer of 2019 she had her first solo exhibition "freezefearflood" at gallery Heerz Tooya in Bulgaria as a result of ARV.I Artist Residency. In the fall of 2019, she also participated in Belgrade Art Studio Residency in Serbia.

Johan Devigo, (b. 1983, lives and works in Amsterdam)

Through sculptures and installations, the human presence and absence is a recurring subject within Devigos (1983, SE) practice. By using synthetic and industrial material in combination with organic material like mulm or weeds, he intends to point at the liminal, and the other by looking at oneself as abject, object and subject.
Solo shows :
´Invincible Summer´, Galleri Rotor, Akademin Valand, Göteborg, 2015 ´Untitled´, Glass Pavilion, Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, 2017
Group shows:
´Gut Fauna´, Cultureel Centrum Het Fijnhout, Amsterdam, 2017
Pride & Innocence, Oosterkerk, Amsterdam, 2019
Fine Arts Graduation Show´, Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, 2019

Gustav Wideberg, (b. 1984, lives and works in Amsterdam and Gothenburg)

Wideberg (1984, SE) is normally a struggling painter that during 2019 has been moving towards making sculptures. He is always on the hunt for relevant materials. With a critical eye, he scans the area, fishing up rusty metal from the canals or ripping out dope ass looking isolations stuck in containers. He sees the reason to fall in love with the most obscure material.

Wideberg has been organizing group shows in Amsterdam. For example DJ Bipolar Magician in the Amsterdamse bozz, Tiki Tiki at Ellen de Bruijne Projects and Projekt Es Spionagé at the Dapper.

Albin Looström, (b. 1984, lives and works in Berlin).

Looström works with painting, sculpture, installation, and drawing. The motives pull from a conglomerate of popular and subcultural expressions merged with Looström’s own ever-mutating cosmology. Materials and methods often shift. Lust and impulse are upheld and guide the practice.
Looström has, among other places, previously exhibited at Ashley Berlin (Berlin, 2019), Galleri Thomassen (Gothenburg, 2019), Polansky Gallery (Prag, 2019), Open Forum (Berlin, 2018), The Thiel Gallery (Stockholm, 2016) and Isbrytaren (Stockholm, 2014).

Curtly Thomas, (b. 1993, lives and works in London)

smallboydanger is one of the shifting monikers of artist Curtly Thomas (clubcouture, “clubcouture”, ceremonial acts, what-the- devil its Fear and Clothing!, Unwelcome Collection).
Often playing with the limitations of the club space, Thomas experiments with how music is performed; using competing references, samples and triggers to engage the audience; this project focuses on the constructs of identity, masculinity and 'originality'; using sound play, gesture and movement.

Curtly has previously shown the site-specific work smallboydanger at South London Gallery in London, 2019.

3:e Våningen, Sockerbruket 9, S-414 51 Göteborg, Sweden

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