Klasse John Morgan

23.09, 6 – 10 pm, exhibition opening + book launch
24. + 25.09, 11 am – 6 pm

Stellwerk Glaspavillon
Kurt-Schumacher Straße 29, Kassel

Pia Bendfeld
Sarah Ehrlenbruch
Ko Eunju
Ronja Greiner
Jan Hunkemöller
Stella Jermann
Samira Hiam Kabbara
Kim Kreuz
Maxi Lorenz
Thea Mantwill
Emily Metzger
Jannik Ott
Remco Reijenga
Roland Sonnabend
Yeoleum Yoon 

Like a tangled, underground root system, our realities are full of complex connections that are almost intangible. How do we face our increasingly interconnected, constantly changing environment? From which stories and forms of living can we learn?

In order to bring these loose connections together, Klasse John Morgan created the publication URSUPPE – a diverse collection of different text and image sources. Regarding pluralistic perspectives and interdisciplinary relations, quotations from different contexts are juxtaposed. By bringing them together, new narratives and contextual shifts emerge.

Inspired by the process of composting, the book layers different contents in order to transform into something new and fruitful. Through artistic works and spatial interventions, Klasse John Morgan translates the concept into space. On site, artworks and fragments will expand on the floor like a network of roots. Arranged on earth, they work as seeds from which things can grow. Like in a petri dish, micro-aspects of different topics are put into the exhibition to observe what emerges from working as a collective.