Sóley Ragnarsdottir Untitled200 x 270 cmAcrylic on canvas and woodSóley Ragnarsdottir Untitled200 x 270 cmAcrylic on canvas and wood

Sóley Ragnarsdottir

29 Apr 2022 – 04 Jun 2022

Formation is proud to present the gallery’s first solo exhibition with the Danish/Icelandic artist Sóley Ragnarsdóttir.

The spectator is let into a hyper-ornamented and meticulously composed universe, wherein acrylics and epoxy are mixed with amber, seashells and ocean polished glass pieces on canvas, wood and decorated cloth napkins.

Based in the outskirts of Denmark, in Thy - where nature and humans intertwine - Ragnarsdóttir unfolds her practice in an intimate collaboration with the defining trademarks of the local environment.

Living here, side by side, amber hunters, fishers and surfers have a clear influence on the artists unique, visual expression.
Over the years this has resulted in, amongst other things, hanging mobiles made from surfboard material, a collaboration with a local boatbuilder and several noctual amber hunts.

Gasværksvej 9, 1656 Kbh V, Denmark