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A.L. Steiner: Difficult Thoughts

Lecture6 December 2017, 19:00Aula, Städelschule, Dürerstraße 10, 60596 Frankfurt am Main

A.L. Steiner: Difficult Thoughts /  Schwierige Gedanken  
Mittwoch, 6. December 2017, 19 Uhr, Aula 

Humans are committing omnicide, proselytized globally via Western notions of extraction, exploitation and finance crapital. Our Enlightenment-tinged operational institutions have wreaked havoc, yet convince us daily that they will, in fact, resolve this myriad of current irresolvable human conditions. 

These institutions have instilled within us the annihilating mechanism of value, relying on the failed irrationality of human supremacy. This silly dogma of homo economicus externalizes all that is non-human in this world-for-us. It's crystal clear that the interrelation of planetary life forms has been lost on what we call the contemporary. Reason: unknown. As stated in 2005 by Oren R. Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan of the Onondaga Nation, "What you call resources, we call our relatives“. We will discuss together.

A.L. Steiner utilizes constructions of photography, video, installation, collage, collaboration, performance, writing and curatorial work as seductive tropes channeled through the sensibility of a skeptical queer ecofeminist androgyne. Steiner is co-curator of Ridykeulous, co-founder of Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.), a collective member of Chicks on Speed, and collaborates with numerous writers, performers, designers, activists and artists. She is MFA Faculty in Visual Arts at Bard College, Yale University and School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is based in Los Angeles and New York.

Der Vortrag findet in englischer Sprache statt. 

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