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Information, 18 October 2021 – 20 February 2022

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Information, 21 February – 10 April 2022

The film class (Prof. Gerard Byrne) presents: Film Program 2021

Class Project13 April – 15 May 2021online

With works by Rachel Ashton, Nooshin Askari, Juliet Carpenter, Paul Haas, Martin Hell, John Hussain Flindt, Sopo Kashakashvili, Atiena Kilfa, Sonia Knop, Christian Kölbl, Lin Jing, Jia Jun, Nina Nadig, Eva Richardson McCrea, Maximiliano Siñani, Robin Stretz, Lisa Strozyk, Nicholas Toh, Alicja Wysocka und Miran Yang.

The program is presented in three sections, showing recent works by students of all classes and areas of studies, plus a new work titled Table Games to be presented as a live stream on Saturday, April 17, 2021. Each section will be accompanied by a recorded online panel-discussion with an invited respondent. Mike Sperlinger (UK), Darla Migan (US), and Volker Pantenburg (DE), each internationally known critics will engage students in dialogue reflecting on conditions for filmic practice in 2021. 

The full program, the panel discussions and the live-streamed collaboration will be announced via a new website and can be will be online until May 13, 2021.

Benedikt Ackermann (website), the film program team (Gerard Byrne, Paul Haas, Jia Jun, Jordan Martin, Eva George Richardson McCrea, Nicholas Toh, Gintare Sokelyte, Bernhard Schreiner), Constantin Heine (IT), All Städelschule students and staff who help to make this project possible.

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