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Winter semester 2022/23

Information, 10 October 2022 – 10 February 2023

Lectures Winter Semester 2022/23

Lecture, 8 November 2022 – 31 January 2023, 19:00

Ximena Garrido-Lecca "Inflorence" at Portikus

Exhibition, 11 November 2022 – 12 February 2023

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Anthea Hamilton: Mash Up

Lecture, 29 November 2022, 19:00

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Bruno Zhu: Addressing Dressing

Lecture, 22 November 2022, 19:00

Invernomuto: Black Med

Lecture, 15 November 2022, 19:00

HOW(EVER) – Portikus Art Book Festival

Event, 20 – 23 October 2022

The Mensa is taking a break!

Information, 19 – 30 September 2022

In loving memory of Helke Bayrle (1941–2022)

Information, 14 September – 14 October 2022

Summer Term Break 2022

Information, 18 July – 9 October 2022


Event, 9 July 2022

Hassan Khan: The Infinite Hip-Hop Song Live!

Konzert, 9 July 2022, 21:30–22:45

Gasthof at Robert Johnson

Party, 7 July 2022, 22:00

MEDIUM RARE — Absolventenausstellung 2022

Exhibition, 2 – 17 July 2022

ALMOST ALIVE—Graduate Party

Event, 1 July 2022, 23:00

‘Absolventen’ prizes

Information, 1 – 10 July 2022

Asad Raza "Diversion" at Portikus

Exhibition, 25 June – 25 September 2022

Asad Raza: Metabolisms

Lecture, 21 June 2022, 19:00

Anthony Huberman: Bang on a Can

Lecture, 13 June 2022, 19:00

Sung Tieu: Ghosts In The Machine

Lecture, 7 June 2022, 19:00

Lecture: ruangrupa

Lecture, 31 May 2022, 19:00

Lecture: Neïl Beloufa

Lecture, 10 May 2022, 19:00

Lectures Summer Semester 2022

Lecture, 26 April – 28 June 2022, 19:00

Summer semester 2022

Information, 11 April – 15 July 2022

Daniel Birnbaum: Notes on the frames of art

Event, 10 April 2022, 15:00–17:00

Jochen Lempert at Portikus

Exhibition, 12 March – 5 June 2022

Winter Term break 2022

Information, 21 February – 10 April 2022

Rundgang Award Winners

Information, 18 – 20 February 2022

Judith Hopf Class: Grand Nizza Show

Class Project, 18 February – 11 March 2022

Rundgang 2022

Exhibition, 18 – 20 February 2022, 10:00–20:00

Pan Daijing

Online Lecture, 10 February 2022

Jordy Rosenberg: Lift Rift

Online Lecture, 2 February 2022

Ulrike Müller: Moving More Parts

Online Lecture, 25 January 2022

Park McArthur

Online Lecture, 18 January 2022

Sam Durant: Public Discourse?

Online Lecture, 11 January 2022


Event9 July 2022Dürerstraße 10, 60596 + Daimlerstraße 32, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
Graphic design: Rahel Goetsch and Gašper KunšičGraphic design: Rahel Goetsch and Gašper Kunšič

Open House 

Art students from nearly fifty nations meet from July 4–11, 2022 in Frankfurt am Main for Gasthof at Städelschule. A total of more than three hundred art students will gather for an immersive, seven-day program of spontaneous daily activities, lectures, workshops, cooking, and exchange. Throughout this weeklong summit, participants will consider and think what it means for artists to practice hospitality towards those who are foreign to them, how can art be a “shelter” for reciprocity and friendship and a conduit for addressing social and political urgencies.

“Twenty years ago, the rector Daniel Birnbaum, together with the student Dirk Fleischmann and the Portikus curator Jochen Volz, initiated the Gasthof at the Städelschule. This event offered a platform for ritualizing generosity and reciprocity in search for new definitions of hospitality and conviviality,” said Yasmil Raymond, Rector of Städelschule and Director of Portikus. “The impetus for reviving this program together was literally prompted by the questions triggered by the pandemic. After the series of lockdowns and the increased virtual interactions, we saw the need for new ways to reconnect, meet, discuss, and engage.”

With daily lectures and workshops led by artists, chefs, poets, philosophers and curators, the focus of Gasthof participants develop a sense of belonging and caring that contributes to deep discussions and the promotion of diverse opinions. In the process of coming together and gathering students will build move ideas and actions toward collective control over shared resources. "We all knew that Gasthof is such a daring and demanding project, yet so worth to try and dive into as well. This gathering is supposed to be a self-expression of the current generation for their necessity to build their own platform in the year of 2022," Prof. Haegue Yang, Vice-Rector of Städelschule and co-chair of Gasthof says.

The program

Together with students the Mensa team, consisting of Bouhlou, Aman and Max, will offer food and drinks

Tearoom: Tea Burn
12:00–13:00 Dürerstraße, Haegue Yang‘s classroom / W10, first floor new building
Conversation with Antonis Magoulas, David Moser, and Alex Thake

Dürer Bar
13:00–19:00, Dürerstraße garden
Städelschule students will offer drinks

Library & Retreat
13:00–19:00, Dürerstraße, Library, ground floor
Presentation of publications from the Städelschule collection from Städelschule, faculty, guests, partner schools; Take away of Städelschule publications, Room to relax; Space for questions around Gasthof 2022

T-Shirt Silkscreening
13:00–18:00, Dürerstraße garden, Printshop tent
Bring your own t-shirt and get your daily print!

Art installation
13:00–20:00, Dürerstraße garden, close to Printshop tent
Aerin Hong in collaboration with Sandra Worlali Buami and Tracy Naa Thompson, Meteor

Tearoom: Eiscafé Libelle
14:00–15:00, Dürerstraße, Haegue Yang‘s classroom / W10, first floor new building
Event by Moritz Tontsch and Sophia Schach

Film screening: Midnight Traveler by Hassan Fazili
14:00–16:00, Dürerstraße, room i9, first floor Lichthalle
Hosted by Prof. Rahraw Omarzad

Mini book fair
14:00–18:00, Dürerstraße Garden, near the Mensa
Tornike Gognadze and Camille Clair

15:30–16:30, Dürerstraße, Haegue Yang‘s classroom / W10, first floor new building
Massage workshop by Thuy-Tien Nguyen

Talk with KhiO: Passed Past Week
16:00, Dürerstraße garden

Konsthögskolan i Malmö: Workshop with Jan Mot
16:00, Dürerstraße aula

What the coral said
17:00–18:00, Dürerstraße, Haegue Yang‘s classroom / W10, first floor new building
Film screening and reading by Rashiyah Elanga

Mobile Hair saloon: Hair don’t Care
17:00–19:00, Dürerstraße garden, appointment via:
Emily Dietrich, Teresa Heinzelmann, and Yuxiu Xiong

Sleeping beauties
18:00–20:00 Dürerstraße, Haegue Yang‘s classroom / W10, first floor new building
Screening event curated by Hee Jae Kim and Elisa Diaferia

Opening: Three Course Menu
19:00, fffriedrich, Alte Mainzer Gasse 4-6, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
By Curatorial Studies class 2021

At 20:00 Dürerstraße closes, and the program continues in Daimlerstraße!

Daimler Bar
20:00–24:00, Daimlerstraße Project Space
Städelschule students will offer drinks

Hassan Khan: The Infinite Hip-Hop Song Live!
21:30–22:00, Daimlerstraße, courtyard

Participating art schools

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien, Austria; Akademija  za  likovno  umetnost in oblikovanje, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Beaux-Arts Paris, France; Center for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan, CCAA in Exile; Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi, Denmark; Eina Idea / EINA Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art, Barcelona, Spain; Kungliga Konsthögskolan, Sweden; ENSAPC CY Cergy Paris Université, France; Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW, Switzerland; Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg, Germany; IUAV–Università luav di Venezia, Italia; Konsthögskolan i Malmö, Sweden, Sweden; Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Norway; Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana; Nordland kunst- og filmhøgskole Lofoten, Norway; Propaganda, Tblisi, Georgia 


Gasthof is made possible by generous support from Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main, and Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne. Additional support is provided by Förderprogramm QuiS21 and Kunstsammler e. V., Stiftung o.T., the Goethe-Institut Lebanon, The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture - AFAC, Culture Resource (Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy), Städelschule Portikus e.V., and ERASMUS+, co-funded by the European Union.


Asad Raza: Diversion
Tuesday–Friday 12:00–19:00; Saturday, Sunday 11:00–19:00. Monday closed, admission free.
Portikus, Alte Brücke 2 / Maininsel, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

The river is a key protagonist in the planetary water cycle—channeling earth’s circulation of water from mountain to brook, from ocean and to cloud. As a source of energy flows, fertility, and new life, the river is often understood as a powerful deity or person, holding historical, economical, socio-political, and emotional importance. In response to Portikus’ unique location on Frankfurt’s Main island, artist Asad Raza’s Diversion reflects on the many facets that rivers carry.
At the heart of Raza’s practice is the creation of experiences and dialogues. Custodians, who the artist cast on site, wander with the visitor through an evocative waterscape, explaining scientific facts, telling stories, and carrying out daily rituals, such as monitoring the water quality, analyzing its development, filtering, and remineralizing quantities of it.

Using common materials, such as newspapers, picnic tables, pipes and pitchers, Raza imagines an environment of collective memory, creating a place of gathering and contemplation. At the same time, the artist emphasizes in this piece the interdependence of humans and their environment. The title, Diversion, alludes to both the literal detour of the Main through Portikus and to the urgency of steering away from the course.
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Absolventenausstellung 2022: Medium Rare
July 1–17, 2022, Tuesday–Sunday: 11:00–18:00, Wednesday: 11:00–20:00, Monday closed, admission free
Untermainkai 27–28, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

This year's graduate exhibition Medium Rare includes works by 29 students from all seven fine art classes, and it will take place on two floors in a temporarily used office building at Untermainkai 27–28, directly on the Main River and near the Städelschule. The 29 artists, who describe themselves in ironic self-reflection and with reference to the “Frankfurt Kitchen'' designed by Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky in 1926 as "half cooked" after their education, will show new works including: paintings, sculptures, video, sound works, photographs, prints, drawings, installations, and performances.

With Minhyeok Ahn, Rasoul Ashtary, Rachel Ashton, Nooshin Askari, Jackson Beyda, Giulio Bonfante, Jack Brennan, Theresa Büchner, Juliet Carpenter, Tamar Chaduneli, Clyde Conwell, Rashiyah Elanga, Lydia Ericsson Wärn, Béla Feldberg, John Hussain Flindt, Alexis Gautier, Yun Heo, Evan Jose, Atiéna R. Kilfa, Sonia Knop, Sam Lasko, Jing Lin, Dominik Litwin, David Moser, Luis Polyanszky Worth, W. Rossen, Maximiliano Siñani, Robin Stretz and Alex Thake.

From the classes of Monika Baer, Gerard Byrne, Willem de Rooij, Judith Hopf, Hassan Khan, Tobias Rehberger and Haegue Yang and former professors Douglas Gordon, Peter Fischli and Amy Sillman as well as former guest professors Keren Cytter, Cyprien Gaillard, Sung Tieu, Wu Tsang, and former interim professor Nikolas Gambaroff.
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Curatorial Studies class 2021: Three Course Menu
July 5–10, 2022, daily 15:00–19:00, admission free
fffriedrich, Alte Mainzer Gasse 4-6, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Drawing on the history of the original Gasthof in 2002, it is particularly interesting to explore how food as a medium of artistic practice has changed over the past twenty years. In light of accelerating climate change, successive crises of forced displacement and the current cost of living crisis, the production and sharing of food has arguably taken on a more acute political and social significance.
This development is especially visible in Frankfurt, where in recent years diverse initiatives have proliferated addressing ecological, political and social problems through growing, cooking and sharing food. The ideas and motivations behind such projects can also be linked to a new preoccupation with food in contemporary art.
Gasthof therefore represents an opportunity to take stock of the changing status of food as a medium of artistic practice. Is making dinner still an act that contains radical artistic possibilities? If so, where is the line between the art of eating, and the eating of art?  And in a wider perspective: what role can art play in challenging destructive global food systems? 

With that in mind, we, the Curatorial Studies Class of 2021, launched the open call “Eating of Art / Art of Eating“ at Städelschule and the international Fine Art classes invited to Gasthof. To create a dialogue between the diverse works of 12 artists, we developed the exhibition program THREE COURSE MENU as a metaphor for a rapidly changing display.

To assuage your cravings between each course during the day, we are serving up treats and titbits in the form of our events program. During TEA TIME we supplement our main meals with other kinds of nourishment and refreshment: talks and performances supply the sugar and calories necessary to survive contemporary city life, and more importantly, satisfy the whims of a sweet tooth. 
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July 5–10, 2022, daily 16:00–22:00, admission free
Honsellstrasse 7, 60314 Frankfurt am Main (Osthafenpark) 

This year our program is different compared to last year with more collectives or duos participating and reflecting on powers of collaboration, co-existence, co-living, current politics and cultural knowledge(s). We have joined powers with lots of collectives and are happy to be the vessel of this mobile space and keep sharing knowledge with one another. It's time also that art, music, theatre, academia, science, architecture come together in a conglomerate - and re-define what spaces of showing and expressing ourselves means. 

We have people from different parts of the world joining physically and also sending their works and words to us. Come and support them and them with us. 
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