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Hassan Khan class: AUTONATURA

Class Project14 – 16 May 2021

With Mariia Andreeva, Jack Brennan, Samuel Georgy, Mahya Ketabchi, Dominik Litwin, Tomás Maglione, Anna Pezzoli, Si Sutcliffe, and Ming Yuan.

Brushing her new haircut from her eyes, she transferred her rent, bought a shirt on eBay and sipped sage tea from a purple Nalgene-brand bottle. Selecting a ‘this week’ playlist, she put her phone into the pocket of the yellow linen playsuit she had on and walked the last few steps of the escalator from the mezzanine level of Konstablerwache to the platform. The S-Bahn was immense and regular.

Outside the train, light industry and a chemical factory in the distance. Rails and arterial roads penetrating the city like intubation of a patient. Frankfurt is designed for transit. The Messe Halle, now a vaccination centre; a demolition site, soon to be housing of acceptable quality for the area’s mixed demographic.

These minutes were balsam to her. The portage of her body from A to B, the annihilation of space by time, but only partial. As she walked through her suburb, the intermittent roar of the Autobahn became the light breaking of sea waves on stones. She removed her headphones and refocused her attention to songbirds. Behind razor wire, the servers of the data centre hummed 50Hz. She thought of the loop of her day in the city as her eye was caught by the neighbour grinning up from the steps to their house, the steps soapy and slick, oozing in their quotidian immaculation.

You are invited to take a diversion. In Rödelheim (S3, S4, S5), head to Lorscher Straße, then northwest over the railway flyover. On your right is Guerickestraße, an agricultural service road. Follow it until it bends in on itself. The hut in disrepair to your left, young crops to your right. The garden is the third door and signposted. GPS Coordinates are: 50.1320 N, 8.6023 E. Call for the code to enter, please lock the gate when you leave.

AUTONATURA is by appointment only on the following dates: May 14, 15 and 16, 2021. Please text or call +49 162 7034830, +49 157 51076682 or +49 178 9747997. Visitors are subject to official regulations regarding the pandemic, please be updated.

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