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Year project of Curatorial Studies: facets, faces

Exhibition22 – 31 October 2021fffriedrich, Alte Mainzer Gasse 4-6, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
Image: Jaider Esbell, Provocations, 2017, 9’53’’, film stillImage: Jaider Esbell, Provocations, 2017, 9’53’’, film still

Jaider Esbell, Lisa Gutscher, Line Lyhne, Jamie Shi          

Curated by Luisa Benzinger, Mike Bill, Clara Maria Blasius, Carlotta Döhn, Leonie Chima Emeka, Teresa Heinzelmann, Jasmin Keller, Céline Marten, Sebastian Peter, Alica Sänger, Victor Zaiden

Together, the students of the Master's programme Curatorial Studies – Theory – History – Criticism at Goethe University Frankfurt and the Hochschule für Bildende Künste–Städelschule have reflected on the curatorial challenges that identity-focused considerations of artists and their works entail, and attempted to translate their thoughts spatially. In their exhibition facets, faces at the project space fffriedrich, four artistic positions are shown reflecting on the role of identities within contemporary institutional and artistic practices. In doing so, the works of Jaider Esbell, Lisa Gutscher, Line Lyhne, and Jamie Shi feature different perspectives, fragmented images, multifaceted narratives, scenes of transition, and pieces of possibility.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a digital discourse programme featuring a lecture by art historian Ruth Iskin, an open roundtable discussion with art historian and -theorist Isabelle Graw, and a reading circle to discuss the text Decades of Identity Politics by artist Coco Fusco.

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