Prosthetics for a ruined lion
Culinary Lessons - The Space of Food
After Rubens
After facts. Pudding Explosion rearticulated
200 Jahre Städelschule
Pyre Fiction
Home of the Brave
Dysfiction, Issue 3, Winter 2016
Women’s art
Painting beyond Itself
Hélio Oiticica: Curating the Penetráveis
Dysfiction, Issue 2, Winter 2015
Garden State. Cinematic Space and Choreopgraphic Time
Mediated Architecture. Vivid, Effervescent and Nervous.
Jutta Koether: f.
Parked like Serious Oysters
Vergessene Körper: Helmut Kolle und Max Beckmann
A New Manifold
Kim Gordon: Is It My Body?
Dysfiction, Issue 1, Herbst 2013
Crema di Mente
All day breakfast_Kunsthalle Krems
On dinh dong – Mobile Academy
“Say my name, say my name”
Thinking through Painting
Tales from the Crypt: the ghost issue
Ewa Lajer-Burcharth: Chardin Material
Art and Subjecthood
Bookbook 2007-2011
The Power of Judgment
John Kelsey: Rich Texts
„Dude, where is my Career?”
Canvases and Careers Today
Schlittschuhlaufen auf Canal Grande
Under Pressure
Hit the Road Jack
kunst lehren teaching art
Diplomaten der Städelschule
Gasthof 2002
Günter Bock
Rechtsgutachten zum Rechtsstatus der Staatlichen Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Frankfurt am Main - Städelschule
Enric Miralles, Peter Cook
down town
Die Städelschule Frankfurt am Main von 1817 bis 1995
Enric Miralles
Absolventen der Städelschule Frankfurt
Peter Cook
Wolkenkratzer für Frankfurt
Fern Sehen
Städelschule Frankfurt am Main
The Biography of Things

Bookbook 2007-2011

Projekt-Publikation der Klasse von Prof. Simon Starling, Städelschule
Frankfurt am Main 2010.

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