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"Du bist Walter Gropius", 2005


72 x 102 cm

Number of copies

10 + 3 artist copies


Three-colour screen print with hand-coloured detail, (acrylic) on paper, numbered and signed


No longer available

Billa Burger (*1971 in Lörrach) studied fine art at the Städelschule under Professor Peter Angermann and Professor Wolfgang Tillmans from 2000 to 2006.

This work came about in the style of the Du bist Deutschland campaign. On the original picture a sandcastle can be seen with the following text superimposed: “What sounds better: ‘Honey, I’ve been promoted’ or ‘The other person got the job but only because my boss doesn’t like me...’ ? Exactly: the sound of success sounds better than hackneyed excuses. Walter Gropius was able to report great things: he founded the Bauhaus movement and gifted Germany his buildings. Houses are not built on sand and dreams are not built on excuses. You are the architect of your life. You are the author of your success story – no one else. You are Germany.”

My work concerns statements and wishes associated with advertising and campaigns and how they have an impact on different realities. In this work I’m interested in how these words are read by a resident of Gropiusstadt (Berlin) for example.