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Bogdan Ablozhnyy


Règles du Jeu, 2021


80 x 55 cm

Number of copies

12 + 3 artist copies, signed and numbered
Each of the prints is unique and is collaged with a different constellation of butterfly wings and cuts


3-color screen printing of a drawing on aluminum, pigment, acrylic emulsion, butterfly wings, archival glue


€ 600

Bogdan Ablozhny (*1994) is a Russian-born artist currently studying in Monika Baer's class at the Städelschule after receiving his bachelor's degree in Linguistics from the Hertzen State University in St Petersburg. Bogdan Ablozhnyy's The Other has been recently on view at BALENO in Rome. Bogdan Ablozhnyy lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.

The edition consists of works created exclusively for the Städelschule, the proceeds of which will benefit the students. A student edition will be published parallel to the professors' edition. Nikolas Gambaroff has chosen Bogdan Ablozhnyy for this. Ablozhnyy has developed a sensitive and unique formal language in his work at the interface between painting, drawing and photography. For the edition, he produced a series of screen prints on aluminum, which are made unique by further processing the surface through cuts and the application of butterfly wings.

“Some think, others act. But man’s true condition is to think with his hands”.
Rainer Maria Rilke

Like in Jean Renoir’s “La Règle du jeu” the question is not what are the rules? It is instead, what can be played and how to invent the game? It may require a violation, a lapse in logic, a salvaging of mismatched pieces, to invent the game. This loss of semblance results in a striking Mise-en-scène; a disregard for the rules of painting. The inert sword animates, falls into a waiting hand, and strikes the canvas: the wounds line the painting’s edge, where the real and the imaginary meet.
Camille Clair

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